Selecting An Advisor

Asking someone to manage your lifetime savings and make crucial investment decisions that will affect your financial future can be incredibly stressful and unnerving. We understand. You may find yourself wondering, "Where do I even start?" Beyond that, you may ask:

  • "How do I know whether the person is qualified?"
  • "What if I choose the wrong person?"
  • "How important is my money to their practice? Will they care about my concerns or forget my name after I've signed on?"

We really do understand — choosing a financial advisor is both an important decision and a difficult one — and there are no clear, crisp answers. But one of the best things you can do (other than follow your instincts) is to make sure you interview a few different advisors. Ask them smart questions — and make sure you get intelligent answers in plain English. Click here for a short list of 10 key questions Forbes Magazine suggests when interviewing each potential advisor.

The responses you get still won't make your decision "easy," per se — but they should at least help narrow the field and steer you away from the "bad" alternatives.