Our History

As noted in Our Qualifications, Schmidt began his career in business and continues to serve as a trusted advisor and confidant to executives in a variety of industries.

But when his father passed away, he felt it best to outsource the family's financial matters to a professional financial planner and investment advisor. However, Schmidt was not pleased with the "boilerplate" solutions and lack of personal service he found prevalent in the market. Despite a concerted search effort, his skepticism remained.

With his family's support and encouragement, he personally embarked on an intensive course of study to complement his already extensive business experience and personal investing acumen to establish a solid foundation in the principles of personal financial planning. Soon thereafter he earned his Certified Financial Planner® designation. And he took charge of his family's financial situation.

When his corporate coaching clients learned of his "other" career as a financial/investment manager, they felt confident he would pursue this endeavor with the same level of total commitment, dedication to personal service, thoroughness and integrity with which he pursued his management advisory business. They asked if he would help them, too.

And so San Marino Wealth Management, LLC was born.

San Marino Wealth Management will never be the biggest investment advisory firm — not by a long shot. But our goal, while remaining small, is to be among the very best.