What We Can Do for You

Whether you are an experienced investor or have no experience at all, we can help you navigate through the often intimidating maze of financial issues and investment options through our Financial Planning and Investment Advisory/Management services.

Financial Planning

We can typically address and resolve a specific issue or set of Financial Planning issues on a one-time (or short-term) consultation basis. Such issues might include anything from seeking a second opinion on your current investment portfolio to understanding retirement savings options to offering an objective perspective on marital differences over how to approach financial concerns.

A Financial Planning overview can also serve as a critical first step in establishing an investment advisory relationship.

If you prefer to manage your own investments, but want a helping hand getting started — or staying on the right track — we're more than happy to assist you via a one-time consultation.

Investment Advisory/Management

Many professionals (even financially savvy ones) choose to outsource their investment management decisions to a professional so they can focus on the other important areas of their life. If this sounds like you, before any investments are made on your behalf, we will work closely with you to understand your needs, your life objectives and any concerns you may have about preserving your wealth and the nature of your investments. We will then work with you to develop an Investment Policy Statement that will serve as a guide for our investment decisions.

As noted in Our Approach, while we can provide guidance on matters pertaining to taxes, estate planning and various types of insurance critical to preserving your wealth, we do not personally provide these services. We work closely with other professionals who specialize in these areas and who can provide the necessary, in-depth expertise required to meet your needs both comprehensively and cost-effectively.