Who We Serve

We serve a very select group of individuals and families who prefer to outsource their financial affairs to an experienced, knowledgeable and caring partner, leaving them free to lead their full, active lives and pursue their other interests.

Based on our history, we prefer to work with clients whose personal situation is one with which we can relate best. Our clients are typically executives in medium to large corporations, or successful professionals who are either planning for or recently entered into retirement. Our clients may themselves be sophisticated and experienced investors — or they may be managing their wealth for the first time.

Clients may engage with us for a variety of different reasons.

  • Some are approaching retirement and have critical questions they want answered.
  • Some may be in retirement and face a slightly different set of issues — but want expert advice to help them ensure a continued financially secure future.
  • Others may be faced with a major transition or crossroads in their life, ranging from the dissolution of their marriage, a death, a sudden career change, or the recent receipt of a substantial legal settlement or inheritance.

In all instances, our clients appreciate the focus and attention we give to their unique situation. They value our "educational" and collaborative approach and the guidance we offer in providing personalized investment solutions.