Client Characteristics

Given our commitment to personal service and long-term relationships, we work best with people who:

  • Want a truly personalized and customized approach to meeting their financial goals
  • Want an expert who will work to serve their best interests only — and not accept commissions, fees or kickbacks from any other entity
  • Are willing to listen to and follow expert advice
  • Believe an advisor should eliminate any conflicts of interest rather than merely disclosing such conflicts
  • Trust an advisor to balance the sometimes competing goals of growth, income, protecting principal, and minimizing taxes
  • Are sophisticated enough to understand that all investments fluctuate in value and the goal isn't about consistently choosing winners to discuss at cocktail parties, but to diversify an investment portfolio intelligently and carefully to achieve your medium- and long-term goals
  • Join us in filtering out all the "white noise" of daily financial reporting and focusing instead on following proven investment principles that will meet their objectives
  • Respect an adviser knowledgeable and experienced enough to help them steer clear of empty product pitches and the investment "du jour"

We welcome clients who share these principles — whether you want a partner to whom you can delegate all your investment decisions, or an experienced expert to offer a second opinion on your own portfolio construction.